somewhere over there..(3-7-2010)

Tears to be shred..

Arms to be hugged..

Hearts to be healed..

Family & Friends to be united..

I burst into tears

As the memories flashed by..

When i was a lil’ baby..

& u held me & told me :

” look at the cam Myrna,.. say Bye Myrna..say Bye !”

& what about last Christmas..

when i saw u after decades..

I only wish if i can go back in time..

& freeze the moment..

make it last a bit longer..

OMG.. why have u left me ?.. WHY?..

I ain’t blaming u..

But there’s that itching  feeling inside my heart..

that wanna be beside u..

near u & with u !!..

That feeling of Missing u..

That feeling of Loving u..


"salam" - a cool illustration with arabic typography i found earlier..


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