Connection Failed* (13-3-2011)

"REFRESH" - pilot 0.8 -16/11/2010 - A5

Ever had a day when eveything’s seems to be perfect : chilling at home, watching tv,eating junk, working on your assignments for the week after, just YOU peacefully in YOUR room :D..
Connected to the internet, feeling Happy – thinking about how fast and finally you’re gonna finish all that pile of work you have..
When suddenly The connection goes nuts – stops – crashes – ERROR !

Well today was one of those days although it isn’t raining at ALL !.. it’s a sunny beautiful day (the cnx in Lebanon just sucks* ESPECIALLY on a RAINY DAY – & gets even worse* on a SUNNY DAY/after experience) !..

~ Enjoy your day – hopefully you’re cnx isn’t as BAD as mine 😀




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