We’re Not “SLUTS”.. OK ?!

Got All dressed.
Waited on the Road for a “bus”.
A Mercedes silver “TAXI” stopped.
A guy asks : “where are you going to pretty girl?”
No response.
then he continues : “for free”.
Still no response.
Turned my back & went home.

Well This kinda resume what happened that day when i was waiting for a bus in front of MY HOUSE , in Day Light.. & What’s more Funny & creepy is that it wasn’t ANY TAXI !!.. it was a “COMPANY TAXI” that we should actually “TRUST” ?!..
Seriously ?..
To all those pervs out there :
1. Not because i’m a colored person means that i’m a “SLUT”.
2. Not because i might not speak arabic, i’m ignorant & naiive.
3. Not because i’m pretty i’ll jump into ur cab.
4. Not because you’re rich & dumb that i’ll accept.
5. Not because ANYTHING that i’ll even look at YOU.
6. YOU should be ASHAMED !..

This is a very serious issue that should be taken in consideration.. SHAME ON YOU, YOU SEX ADDICT !

"Enter (NOT)" - pilot 0.8 et aquarelle - 8/9/2010 - A5

Slut or slattern is a pejorative term meaning an individual who is sexually promiscuous. The term is generally applied to women and used as an insult or offensive term of disparagement, meaning “dirty or slovenly.”


4 thoughts on “We’re Not “SLUTS”.. OK ?!

  1. He is the only Slut in the world…. nice to post such issue even if i prefer that u announced the name of the Company…
    anyway you are a Great talented Girl…. i appreciate you so much…. :D:D

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