We’re not SARDINES* !..(10-4-2011)

"fawil 3alam la tfawil el jaybé" - pilo 0.8 - 14/3/2011 - A5

Like everyday.

i wait for a bus.

Punctual as everytime.

i get on it.

then a few miles after.

it’s over crowded.

too much : talking, smelling,..

bus speeds.

i arrive safely (THANK GOD !).


This is how buses ride here in LEBANON !..They over load, i don’t even know why.. They speed when they’re overloaded – danger on passenger’s life.. and we still take them everyday cause we just can’t if people like me don’t have their OWN RIDE*..

The buses have a certain number of seats..i still don’t understand WHY THEY OVER LOAD ?!.. to get more MONEY ??!.. is THAT THE REASON ?!..i guess YES !..

Unfortunately this might cause some DANGER problems on passengers life .. like leading them to DEATH* !..

Well all i’m saying here is that we aren’t sardines to be piled in a certain box !

What buses over here should do :

– don’t over load

– drive normal not too fast & not too slow

I guess this won’t be fixed.. It’s a small complain that i face everyday (TOO BAD)


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