Keep the doctor away.. [Apple Pie]

[Apple Pie] is an another kind of sweet that i like..:D & since the [apple keeps the doctor AWAY], Enjoy this easy [healthy] recipe of Sweetness & Joy 😀

apple pie - 29/5/2011

Ingredients for Pastry :

– 500 g flour

– 250 g veggie fat

– 150 ml of cold water

– 1 tea spoon of salt

– 2 spoons of sugar

Mix all together & let it rest for a whole night..[or let it rest for 5-6 hrs if in a hurry] , then bake for 15 minutes !

Ingredients for Cream :

– 1 cup of Milk

– 2 eggs

– 1 tea spoon of vanilla

– 2 spoons of Sugar [brown/white]

– 1 spoon of starch

Mix all together and pour into a tray to let it [cool]

Ingredients for Topping :

3 whole Apples, Peal them, Cut them & put them on top of the pie with a pinch of sugar on top.

Then, bake again until brown & Golden !

~ Bon Appétit*


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