[Malik] el tari2 / [Roi] de route / Road [King]

the other day - 4/6/2011 - Blue & Red Bic - A5

Friday afternoon..
Hittin’ the road to Giselle’s (cosy place @ Broumana) with the guys..
Laughin’ & enjoyin’ some good tunes..
Stuck in a semi-traffic at Mkalles round about..
Drivin’ peacefully, not too slow not too fast..
When a MAN [full of anger-bad boy type], stares down at us from his Giant Blue JEEP and screams at my friend : “HEY YOU !..you just stay in the middle of the road & i’ll hit you..YOU IDIOT”..
My friend continues drivin’ peacefully like nothing happened..[The man in Jeep surely had a bad day & wants to release it, but why should we bother answer him]
My friend passes by.. and the Man in Jeep is behind us..
Following Us..
Hunting Us..
As if we did something wrong !..
Stuck in a semi-traffic again..
The Man still behind us..
All cars stop..
The Man gets down from his car SCREAMING, YELLING, CURSING [as if the road is all his & none could pass him].. and HITS badly my friend’s window car..
Cars start to move..
My friend quickly continues his way not looking back & left before the Man could have done any damage or pick a fight with us..
~ it was a day full of action, none has been injured :D.. Below is an illustration of what happened the other day [with arabic replics that i already mentioned in english in the text]~


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