Ever wondered how to rob your neighbor’s car ? or simply a car you just liked so much you can’t afford buying it ?.. Well, you should come over my hometown “beit mery” and perhaps take a look at the latest car trends in our parking..Two days ago our neighbor was robbed, and once again the THIEF managed to escape.
Yes, i’m talking about CAR ROBBERY.
That shameful act that kept on haunting us now for years.

So here’s THE golden tips for a car robbery that might be successful:

– start by choosing a location, preferably a parking house [should be full with all sorts of cars]

– it should be a LOUSY WEATHER, very cold, wintry style..[snow is a plus]

– perfect timing would be around 3 am till 6 am, you don’t want the owners to be awaken.

– don’t over charge yourself with tools, you simply need : a rock, a flashlight or your cell, a screwdriver and pliers.

Ok, so i’m not into the robbery world, but it’s just an analyze of what happened to us [owners in a certain building in my hometown “beit mery”] during those years, even way before i was born.

Car robbery started a long time ago in my neighborhood, but there’s that particular incident that makes it so special.. The conditions were always the same !.. Perhaps it was the same thief ?..Perhaps he passed all his “car robbery” knowledge to his son , grandson ?..hmm

I still wonder how come he never succeeded in stealing any of the cars, just satisfying himself with few little gadgets as in the radio or even just damaging the car.Well, the last attempt of car robbery was a few days from now and the thief managed to escape once again !..[unfortunately]

But what amazes me the most is how the police officers would react in such situations, how they didn’t even bothered themselves to know more about the accident, and how very coldly they would tell you : “Sorry Sir, you need to come  down to our office and open a case yourself, and if you’re not the owner of the car, well when the owner is available he can come anytime..” [What a lack of responsibility !]

Let’s say that there was a “murder” what would happen then ?..Will they tell us to wait also until the person dies ?..



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