my very 1st basketball game

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Basketball is one of my favorite sports, and being in the team while I was back in high school, my first game meant a lot to me.

So Yes, I finally assisted to my very first basketball game I’ve been waiting for years now. And yes I was pretty much excited about it, it has been years since I last watched a basketball game or played.

I remember I used to shout and jump off the couch at home for each score. And now I finally got the chance to experience it for REAL 😀 !!..
It was held yesterday [24/3/2012] at the Champville stadium back in Awkar, Lebanon.

The first thing that caught my eyes as i was entering the stadium was those fine tall players practicing, shooting some balls. I was like Wo-ah !..Cheers and applause for the teams, it was so intense, some awkward funny moments and the lost of some easy beautiful scoring chances that would have been – i think –  one of the great shots..

But hey, people don’t only go to watch the game, NO !!.. Some would go to show off their cuteness [few teen girls] while other tend to chitchat on their phones, and some – like me – were amazed by everything around. It was a hell of a day and experience that I’ll definitely do once again 😀 !!..

How about your first game experience 😀 ?

And before you get started with the writing, here are some links on how to be a better bball player :


[p.s. : the team I was cheering for : lost, but hey I’m still HAPPY I got the chance to assist for REAL 😀 !..I even sometimes wondered how it’s like if there was no cheering at ALL !!..Like a silent game, hmm. Anyway, I felt like a little girl in Disneyland :D]


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