How to create a [very simple yet creative sweet and sincere*] card ?

Ever wondered how to create a personalized card for that special someone ?
I personally went through these easy/difficult moments at some point when I last created a Happy Mother’s day card for mom. It’s a tradition that I held for almost 15 years now, to surprise any member of the family with a card of my own creation. And then came the idea when I was short on materials and ideas to create something very simple and yet creative,sweet and sincere 😀 !..

So here’s an infographic to tell you more about the creation of a personalized simple card:

And this is what I did :

So now you know how to create a last minute card that can work for any occasion with only 3 materials you can find at your place and still surprise your beloved one 😀 !..
Hope you guys liked it, why not try it and send me your feedbacks and stay tuned 😀 !..

[p.s : you can add colors to your card to make it more joyful, but be careful with the mixing you don’t want it to look like a rainbow spit – stick to one favorite color is the Best :D]

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