How to get a [BETTER GRADE]-infographic

I recently attended a typography workshop at my university, and we had to do a typographic installation that we then published online so we can be graded !..
Well YES !..

The workshop was amazing and the week went very well, but TODAY, i’m trying my best to reach out for that largest public -YOU – to let them know more about the project :D!..
Giving Rhythm a Rhythm” is a typographic installation where Rhythm express its self with each person that goes up and down our university stairs.

And while I was, let’s say, OBSESSED with sharing the project, I found out myself doing this infographic that kind of resumed what I was thinking about.

After all, we all do want a “better grade” -for sure !…But what makes me even happier is to meet new people or artists that viewed the project and Loved it 😀 !!..
I want to Thank YOU all for that amazing support, keep on spreading ART !!..
Peace 😀


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