20 MAY 12 [day 1]

20 MAY 12 is a  daily illustration project for the month of MAY. It consist on illustrating a phase/moment/feeling/.. that left an impression in my day.
So hopefully, their will be 31 illustrations by the end of the month 😀 !..Now that’s a Big Number for a person hectically busy like me, but i’ll DO MY BEST 😀 !..
I’ve always wanted to do this kind of project cause it’s very challenging, and today – 1st of MAY- finally came 😀 !!..

For my 1st illustration, I was inspired by what I call “The Giant Yellow Spider” as i was looking down my window.
As the days go by, I’m starting to notice how time flew, and how we went from GREEN to ALMOST GREY in a blink of an eye :O !!..[what a SHOCK]
The Giant Yellow Spider has nothing else to do but take down trees and leave space for some more “Grey stuff”.

As an “Earth citizen”, I think we should all be concerned about that and try to Bring back that Joyful green color that once meant LIFE 😀 !!..

[ps : it’s written in Arabic “Nothing else to do”]


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