20 MAY 12 [day2]

So today is the second day of this challenging project I started 😀 !!..And let’s say I’m trying to be motived – for a person like me who usually tend to skip and forget- to continue.
And today’s inspiration is “numbers” :D.
We all have a favorite/none favorite number don’t we ?!..How about “4” ?

Yes, I found out that Number 4 is one of THE numbers that I actually ended up by HATING !
WHY ?..well simply because, I always find myself awake at 4 am, not less not more, just 4.
Yesterday was hot, like VERY HOT, and although that summery sauna weather I managed to sleep successfully. Then came 4 am, when I suddenly found myself awaken :  talking to a friend on whats app, checking my inbox, and even thinking about my next post.
I even remembered Lilly Allen’s song :D.

It’s 5 o’clock in the morning
Conversation got boring
You said you’re going to bed soon
So I snuck off to your bedroom..

Below is an animated gif  – illustrating a bit of what it felt like today – that I’ll add to it more illustrations/animations/sounds every day, or let’s just say, whenever I can 😀 !

Let’s hope that I’ll manage to sleep more this time,hmm..
Maybe a good bedtime story would help 😀 !..
[Yes i’m 21 years old & still have some bedtime stories from time to time !..Nothing better than living this BIG BABY life to the extreme ;)]


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