20 MAY 12 [day4]

Down to hell” is my 4th illustration for this month.

I was inspired by today’s short trip to Beirut.
For those who don’t know much about this fast growing city, well Beirut is a wonderful place where life, culture, religion, technology & so on meet.
But what you don’t know as well is the “bad hidden side”, if I may say – some might even hate me from saying that, but that’s the truth and let’s face it !
The Grey city as I call it, is the city of pollution, corruption & sauna session.
Hmm..Let me put it correctly, “HELL” !
And that’s where my title comes from.

For a mountain person -like me – going down to Beirut is very challenging.
WHY ?..Well, its over heated climate makes me irritated, it really feels like Hell – if hell was that “HOT”, if you know what i mean 😉
Not to forget the pollution surrounding it, much more suffocating it !
But Hey on the Bright side*, I managed to do this cute illustration below :D.

Beirut is a wonderful place, and as many cities in the world, it has its bad & good side.
And regardless everything we still LOVE OUR CITIES don’t we 😀 ?

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