20 MAY 12 [day5]

Cows on ATV at ARZ” is my 5th illustration for this month.

Well that’s a strange title for a post, and you must be wondering why cows ? why on ATV ? and what is ARZ ?..
● Cows or ba2ra/ba·ka·ra/بقرة [in arabic] is the nickname of the group of friend i’m in. Yea, what a strange name to call people, but it’s said only for fun. [we’re actually four cows & 1 bull, I’ll introduce them to you in my coming post]
ATV is the kind of sport/entertainment that we’re going to do today.
ARZ/أرز [in arabic] or “The Cedars” is the place that we’re heading to !

And as you noticed, the inspiration of today is our trip to ARZ . You can find below today’s illustration :
Oh, and I’ve just realized that the colors I used are similar to the Lebanese flag :D!
What a coincidence :O.
You have a wonderful day and see you tomorrow 😉 !


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