20 MAY 12 [day6]

Laziness” is my 6th illustration for this month.

Today you can call me a “Lazy girl” !..What an inspiration to start a day and what better  as a topic post.
Why ?..Well after our amazing long outing to “St Charbel” & Jbeil – with the “cow group”- I couldn’t get up today !
This Is HOW MUCH FUN we had !..I’m even glad I found this energy to do this post :D.

Oh and you might be wondering what happened to the “Cows on ATV at ARZ“, well the plan was cancelled at the last minute and instead we decided to do something else : a visit to “St Charbel” & “Jbeil“.

Below is an illustration of me sleeping in the bathtub during my shower for I was super tired :S
Ever happened to you ? When you’re like super tired and can’t move a feet ?

I’d like to share as well what I photographed that day from sunset sensation

to Light Photography try outs

And look what I’ve found while I was on the beach :D..I think I have a “new hobby” 😉


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