20 MAY 12 [day10]

monkey thoughts” is my 10th illustration for this month.

Today I had a bad time struggling about this next post ! I couldn’t find anything “interesting” to be inspired of. So I forgot about it and continued my day as if nothing happened. Then after lunch, I read a mag called “ليالينا” [pronounced La·ya·lina which means “our nights“] and fell on an article about “Roula Daher” – a young lebanese modern jewelry artist.

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After a while, still with no inspiration, I suddenly remembered these 2 phrases :
● “regardes moi dans les yeux” [look at me in the eyes]
● “quelqu’un m’a dit je t’aime” [someone told me I love you]
And I found myself doing this :

[ps : well honestly throughout the illustration process my first thought was “boobs” then it came out as a monkey – as you can see in the last picture.]

‘s a little sweet smooth vibe I discovered today thanks to a friend and thought about sharing it with you, Enjoy 😀 !
Oh and Remember, even through the darkest time there’s always a light at the end of it , Just be patient, and forget so you could remember 😀 !


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