20 MAY 12 [day13…day17]

Coma activated” is my 13th illustration for this month.

So I was supposed to publish 2 posts on the 14th* and so on till now !..But due to the busy weeks I’ve been through I was drowned by the sea of projects and seminars.
I haven’t slept since yesterday and I’m still working ! [Yea a Superwoman ! :D]
Trying at least to keep that promise I gave you, and by that reach my main goal – as much as possible !

All that time I’ve been thinking about the posts I’ve missed and tried to resume them to one single illustration.
I can say that probably I went with the working flow a bit too much !..
Excuses Excuses Excuses, don’t we all blame it on the time and others ?

I shall admit that with all that hectic weeks I’ve been through I’m trying my best to organise myself, let’s say MY TIME* !!
The key is in GOOD TIME ORGANIZATION* [which I ‘m still struggling with]

Below is an illustration of how I was commited to “Alba” [my uni] and its projects :

Coma Activated – digital illustration

To all those dreamers out there, here’s a beautiful song of Matt Pokora‘s New Album [À la poursuite du bonheur] Enjoy 😀 :


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