20 MAY 12 [day18]

The tree of forbidden love” is my 14th illustration for this month.

My inspiration was the project I was working on for the transmedia workshop we had last time !

The tree of forbidden love – digital illustration

The workshop was amazing ! But the fact to know that I was almost designing everything for my team’s website was kind of a LOT !..
There’s a saying in french that says : ” le singe sur l’épaule” which means “the monkey on the shoulder” [literally translated].
singe or monkey  represent projects, problems, decisions, actions, ..
épaules or shoulders represent the shoulders, you who has that “monkey” on 😛

Well, what I’m trying to say here and remind you is that “GOOD TIME ORGANIZATION” is your best solution !
By this, you can save yourself time, you can enjoy life, you can forget about stress, you can rest and most of all you can have a proper Social Life 😀 !

P.S. : A bit About Transmedia and “The Tree of Forbidden Love” Project
● What is Transmedia?
Transmedia storytelling (also known as multiplatform storytelling) is the technique of telling a single story or story experience across multiple platforms and formats using current digital technologies, not to be confused with traditional cross-platform media franchisessequels or adaptations. read more

● So we had a long transmedia workshop that was divided in 3 steps :
  step 1: was the introduction to the transmedia, creating groups and finding a concept

step 2 : the selection of 5 projects that were pitched in Tunisia
– step 3 : the selection of 2 projects out of 5 to be developed so it would be pitched once again in Barcelona in order to find a sponsor that will help in realizing it !

[just to mention this project is a collaboration between multimedia students and audio visual, the participants are from : Lebanon, Morocco and Tunisia] 

● What is “The Tree of Forbidden Love” project about? :
Coming out of a society where forbidden love stories are in numbers. The tree of forbidden love is a space where people can freely express themselves via sending their stories that will then be transformed into fictional short movies made by contributive directors.


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