20 MAY 12 [day19…day24]

Out of Service” is my 15th illustration for this month.

Once again my lack of time organization took me away from posting this few weeks !
And I kind of feel bad about that !

out of service – digital illustration

But even though, I discovered/tried some new stuff and would love to share it with you 😀 !

VidRhythm :
This amazing iPhone application where you can create funny videos from your recorded sfx
Here is some of what I did :
– Flight of the bumblebee by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov

– I like to Party by Steve Pardo

– Power Step by Jeff Allen

Popbooth :
A cool application similar to thephotoboothyou have on your macs !
Here’s a photo I took with my friend Anthony 😀 !..
[ps : you can check his blog here !]

popbooth with ZLight

Google doodle [Robert Moog’s 78th Birthday] :
And to sum everything up, I finally enjoyed Google’s Moog 😀 !
You can check out what I did here :D.

Well you might say that I should have been posting some “illustrations” instead !
But hmm, I don’t think that trying out/discovering something new is bad after all 😀 !
Won’t you say the same ?.. Hope you enjoyed today’s post, and till next time 😀 !


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