[sorrow land]

“So today as I woke up, I felt like jotting down these words. I wanted to combine all three together as they were the child of each. You all have a bright day :)”

[Dancing on the melody of death]

[dancing on the melody of death]
[lying on the bed of thorns]
[reaching for the absolute dark]
[cold in the bath of warmth]
[noise to blow away]
[heat is what I feel]
[red is what I see.]
[my soul floating away]
[leaving my corpse cold as ice]
[dreams I can’t profess]
[tears on my wooden cheeks.]
[dancing on the melody of death]
[with the angels of above]
[soon is what it will be.]
[a pure concealed heart]
[loosing its shine.]
[What have you done?]
[I burst into tears, to see you far]
[I fall apart, to see alive]
[I feel cold, to see you warm]
[I feel alone.]
[drowned in sorrow since forever]
[a sad widow is what I am]
[an endless vow dies with you]
[burning my heart along each memory] 
[itching my soul to break away.] 
[what have you done]
[to my dreaming soul?]
[it took me back to sorrow land,]
[my dearest friend,]
[my enemy.]
[butterflies of death]
[surrounding me]
[trying to keep my head straight up] 
[reaching for the immortal light]
[drinking the poison of life.]
[I have become what I have been] 
[a loner in the world of love] 
[a fighter in the world of war]
[a hopeless dreamer in the world of lies.] 
[Above your heads]
[I feel no hunger] 

[I feel no pain]
[words bursting to the state of brain]
[peacefully, sorrowly]
[marinated with hopeless dreams]
[dragging me down]
[to the world of death.]
[some might worry]
[I shall not]
[as my time came,]
[sooner than I thought.]
[I spread my wings]
[shred some rainbows above your heads.]
[I see your skulls]
[from up above]
[I pity some]
[for what they ignore.]
[what is about to come is greater than before]
[mark my words]
[as I’ve seen it all.]
[a lunatic speaking]
[in the name of all]
[preaching about the end of war]
[hoping love to all miserable]
[seeking justice for all mortals]
[erasing hatred from all the dark]
[growing equality in all pure souls.]


2 thoughts on “[sorrow land]

  1. I came across your blog on instagram under #wordpress. Very cute theme, love the header! Check out my blog if you have a chance! Happy blogging 🙂

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