Fast & yet Healthy

Mulukhiyah” is one of THE traditional lebanese dishes that I love. It can be eaten in winter as well as in summer – it’s more considered as a wintery dish for it’s warmth, but I usually eat it all seasons :).

Yesterday, mom decided to cook that precious yummy beloved dish for the family, and due to her busy life she couldn’t !
So I stepped in for Help. My very first time in cooking something healthy and salty – for a person who has a sweet tooth like me !

So, here’s what you need :
pound 10 garlic cloves + pinch of salt
canola oil
fistful of chopped coriander
chopped mulukhiyah [fresh or frozen] [1 or 1 1/2 pack, depends on how thick or light you want it to be]
2 cubes of Maggi chicken stock
jug with boiling water
[ps : the mulukhiyah should be schopped previously and can be frozen and reused whenever you want*]

Cooking time about 3 to 5 minutes maximum.*
You can add more salt*
[depends on your taste]

How to serve ? :
plain rice
apple vinegar with diced onions
toasted arabic bread
boiled chicken or meat on top [ I usually eat it without chicken or meat, I think it taste yummier. But hey after all it depends on your tastings*]

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Voilà, here’s a fast cook in about 8 minutes for all and yet Healthy.
Bon Appétit*


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