Mademoizelle Zeina [Miss Zeina]

Mademoizelle Zeina is a new character I’ve done today :D.
Well, while I was working on my “Yelda” for the website -The Tree of forbidden Love – I once talked about in a previous post, I ended up doing Miss Zeina as well.
I would be glad to know which one of the Yelda’s you prefer, the old one on the left ? or the new one on the right?

which Yelda do you prefer ?

I don’t even know why I called her Zeina, but I think her name suits her well. She also, kind of remind me of Amy Winehouse .
So, here’s what I did :

And who would have thought that I’ll be such a crazy fan about arabic typography?..
It’s my mother language, my mother image and I’m so glad I’m starting to explore it :D.
Have a Nice Evening*


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