Today, I’ll introduce you to one of my fav characters I have ever done : MAXIME 😀 ! [and yes, it’s a “she”]. I only used to hand sketch her. But today, I tried to digitalize her.

Who is “Maxime” ? :
“Maxime” is my newest character I’ve been working on. She basicly represents my thoughts and my daily life. She’s cute, fun and says what’s on her mind !..
Her name was chosen by accident. But I then figured out “Maxime’s magical meaning, which I think fits her well : pressed, exigent and hard worker, goes straight to her goal, strong personality, attached to her family and has a great sense in justice.

And here’s what she looks like [in digital mode] :

[Ideas away] / thinking about so many other far far away stuffs.

[feed me sugar] / the day I ate 3 sweet crêpes with some friends.

[what’s cooking today?] / a daily asked question.


[How much degrees you got?] / the day I tried on my friend’s new glasses.

And that’s it for today 😀 !!..
Stay tuned for more of “Maxime’s Adventures” and have a nice weekend.

Here’s a cool tune, I discovered thanks to my sweetest Big sis, to chill :


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