What a sad world I see.

It has been a while since I last posted anything. And I must admit that I really miss it !
You might be wondering where I’ve been – or maybe not.
The truth is that I was sick, I guess still. But I definitely got better – hurray to that.

Here is where I feel like home, feel free to write, complain, be sad, be happy, be bored…
Sharing with you my intimate moments that mark my boring days.

” What a sad world I see, what a sad me.
How sad it is to be alone, far away.
To be here, but invisible.
To feel cold, when it’s warm.
How ugly it is to be sick, bleeding wound.
How painful it is to get stuck, acting strange.
Some might smile, some might go.
Some might care, and some ignore.
You can feel the tears running down my cheeks.
You can see the sadness I’m submerged in.
What a strange feeling to lose a smile.
What a good feeling to know you’re here.
What a sad world I see, what a blue me.
How cold it is outside, inside and everywhere.
How peaceful it is to fly away.
Fly away like an angel in the sky.”


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