In a very very very old post of mine, I mentioned about introducing you to The Cowz* !

A) Who are “The Cowz” ?
• Doudou aka Anthony Daou or Zlight : he was supposed to be a bull* – but due to some alien circumstances, he has tits instead. He likes everything related to Light [thanks to his family name “Daou”], yellow, purple, technology and music.

• Nounou which is Me. This is my blog, feel free to look around and discover my world. I like to smile & sketch :D. For some I might sound “quiet”, but I’m pretty much a friendly lunatic.

 Youyou aka Nivine Yakzan : Lovely lady with a lovely voice. She vocalizes everywhere and anywhere, with a caring and funny sense of humor. She likes to verbally castrate people, so you guilty men out there, Be Careful !

• Moumou aka Mira Haddad : a quiet studious big voice lady. She never skips a class and takes notes. She’s an overdose sweet, caring and sharing person. She likes butterfly ribbons or everything shaped like it.

• Vouvou aka Vanessa bittar : she’s the hybrid kind in the group [You can ask doudou about this :P]. She has a strange world/style, she loves cupcakes and collects mini thingies.

B) Why we call ourselves “Cow” ?
Well, the story began with “Doudou”  when he found out that cows loved the melody of his flute – back in France. And when he came back in Lebanon, he started calling everyone “Cow”.
Or not ! Well, it’s still not clear how the whole cow thingy started.
I forgot to mention that here – in Lebanon – calling someone “Cow” is very pejorative!
So back to the story. As the days flew by, I used to hang out with Doudou and one other friend, before we meet 3 cute lovely ladies : “Youyou, Moumou, & Vouvou”.
[ps : we all go to ALBA and we’re now doing our masters – Just to mention :P]

Below is a cute illustration of “The Cowz*” and soon enough I’ll introduce you to the other member of this lovely group :D.


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