Once upon a time, when there was that sweet girl..

So today as I was organizing my messy desktop files, I stumbled upon these sweet illustrations I did of a girl that turned from Yelda [a fictional character for a project I’m working on] to Maxime [my newest sweet cute character representing my thoughts].

[it’s written in arabic : sweet dreams]

[it’s written in arabic : they took away my innocence]

– girl with black hair asks : who are you?
– girl with lined hair replies : none of your business !

[it’s written in arabic :
– complicated language [top]
– Manoushé [middle]/ I actually played on the meaning of the word, Manoushé is basically a sort of lebanese breakfast food made of dough topped with cheese,mint and other stuff. And the word manoushé as well means something with a hole like in the illustration.
– thread [end]/ I also played on the meaning here, “fil” in arabic refers to elephant while in french it means thread, so here I was illustrating the surprising momentsurprise, elephant, huge, big, small,  when the word “fil” in arabic isn’t actually an elephant but instead a simple thin thread.



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