Cinderella didn’t lose her shoe !

Midnight strikes as the lovely young ladies leave their friend’s home, both trying to get away from their guy friend.
Rapidly went down the stairs to reach the door of a small electric cabine.
Powers go off as the ladies got stuck in.
Dark. Sweat. Fear. Cellphones light. Stress. Screams. Tears. Laughter. Hopes. Dizzy. Suffocation.
Can you imagine the situation ?

Well, the ladies I’m talking about are sadly me and my best friend “Rouba”.
As a second thought I still wonder why have I listened to her ? Couldn’t we just have waited at the door, or hide in any other way ?
Very stupid act from both of us, I shall admit.

But you can’t imagine how scared we were, Thank you Lord for :
1- having our superheroes Anthony and Vanessa who pulled us out, and Vanessa’s mother for opening the door.
2- having such an incredible genius technology called “cellphone” [light and communication with the outer living breathing world].

This is my cinderella story version, never lost the shoe but got stuck in the elevator.
But at least, we were all safe and hopefully no one will EVER live what I’ve been through yesterday.
My advice for the day : “Stairs are healthy, you lazy“.


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