ENOUGH, already !

I’m not writing because I have to..
I’m not complaining because I wanted to..
I never left because I hated it..
I never said anything because I’m used to*..

Rages. Death. Innocent people.

As I grew up in this little country..
And regardless all the difficulties, hopeless dreams, destruction, and discrimination..
I never left..
They said it was dangerous..
They said I should be careful..
They said the people isn’t trust-worthy..
They said this is not home..

If all the above is true..[and yes, it is]
Then why am I HERE*?
Is somewhere else really “HOME”?
Is it safe ?

For all these unanswered questions and the serial violence against the people of the country.
I want an answer..
Will it stop ?
And to you monster, aren’t you tired of that ? It’s a boring game, don’t you think ?
ENOUGH, already !

May God be with all of us and grant us with a pinch of patience, hope, and conscience !
And may the innocents rest in peace..


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