I dream of.. [a better country for me, you and everybody]

A few days ago, I was sitting in the sun, happy, careless.
I used to see happy dreams.
Hang out with my beloved ones.
Surfed the web.
Read some articles and books.
And ate yummy food.
Today, as I see what’s going around,
I feel not sad but mostly disgusted and raged against everything.
Why is it so hard to live peacefully ?
Why is it so hard to be safe ?
Why is it that I’m not living my right ?
Why is it that I have to cry ?
Why is it that I have to be anxious, worried, and horrified ?
Why is it my fault ?
If I can be abducted right now by Aliens I won’t say no.
I bet outer space is much more serene.
But I bet too that the Aliens won’t welcome the people of the country.
For we need to be formated.
If the leaders compelled us with some stupid speeches.
If we take a minute to understand what’s between the lines.
Will we still have the guts to follow them ? Cheer for them ? Kill for them ? Listen to them ?
Some, see me as an outsider.
And will tell me not to bother.
Go away and leave the country.
For the country is bleeding.
And doesn’t have time to listen to you.
I see myself as a part of this country.
I’m tired, sad, mad,.. call it whatever you want.
I really had enough.
I want to be that little girl that used to fly high.
Laugh and smile.
For I dream of a better place.
For I want this dream to be a reality.
For me.
For you.


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