The snow I’ve been waiting for..

600m high is where I live, and I’ve always considered it as a mountain.
Some might laugh at me and say it doesn’t count. but for me it does!

My story with the snow began, ever since I was born. I can’t really remember how it was like, but from the pictures I’ve seen the snow used to be so high and thick. I remember once when I was at school, they returned us back home early because it was snowing.

Every winter, I wait for the snow to come. Sometimes it does and many years it doesn’t.
This year it finally did :D!


For a person that hates cold, I love snow. Take long walks in the snow and feel the purity of what surrounds me. This brings Joy and warmth to my heart.
Yesterday, I couldn’t fall asleep. No snow happened. But today, as I looked through the window with no hope of snowing, I finally saw the white covering the ground.
I can’t really explain the excitement I get every time it’s snowing. It’s just so magical.

It is a lovely experience that I’ll never have the chance to truly explain : the waiting, the snowing, the walk, the taste.

it's written in arabic "snow"

it’s written in arabic “snow”


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