About me

Hello and welcome to my blog 😀 !.. My name is Myrna Rigaten Alies aka “little miss mirnou*“.

I’m a Web/Graphic designer based in Lebanon.

Illustration is my childhood passion that I rediscovered recently. Being a blogger helped me in giving life to my thoughts and letting it all out.
Baking sweets is one of my favorite things to do in life ! Yes, I have a sweet tooth 😀

For some, I might seem “quite”, but i’m a friendly lunatic.

You can find me on Facebook : Myrna Rigaten Alies
Follow me on Twitter : @mirnouu
or follow me on instagram as well : @mirnuu

13 thoughts on “About me

  1. Myrnouu! nice Blog! and nice illustrations:) not because i’m in some of your illsutrations:P, but i like your Work, im proud of you my dear friend:D

  2. You forgot to say about u : a7la jara w ahdam bannout w ur fun to be around w i miss u so much huh w hope to c u sooooon huh w heike huh mwahhhhh 😀 i really like it myrnouuuuu !!! Good luck !! (K) ♥

    • HAHAHAHAH .. u made me laugh here hehe.. was a beautiful mornin’ just seein’ ur comments made me laugh n SMILE*..:D.. thank u so much..a wonderful & BEST jara i could ever had !!..:D..Miss u too dear..n “THANK U” once again rly appreciate it !!..❤*..mmwahhh

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