La douleur va et vient

La douleur qui me réveille
d’un sommeil profond
Le mal s’affolant dans mes nerfs endormis
Le calme extérieur
Le bruitage du clavier
La douleur va et vient
revient et s’en va
des piqûres
des punaises enfocées
La souffrance silencieuse sous un drap chaud
L’envie d’arracher, casser, crier..

2 years already?

So apparently today I should be celebrating 2 years of blogging [WOW !!]..
Time surely passes by so fast !
I wanted to take a few minutes to THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!! You’re simply awesome !!
I thought of giving away something cute & nice [hmm..]
But for now,  here’s a picture of my mood today [pretty much lazy, but stay tuned for my surprise*].



Pharaonicthe smile, the look & the crown..sound Pharaonic

[فرعونية = Pharaonic]
Today, the Pharaonic spirits came for a visit. As a usual boring day, I took my water color kit and tried to sketch something. My first intention was to draw my lips and eye as a part of practicing. I ended up with the sketch above, that I even displayed on my desktop.



The snow I’ve been waiting for..

600m high is where I live, and I’ve always considered it as a mountain.
Some might laugh at me and say it doesn’t count. but for me it does!

My story with the snow began, ever since I was born. I can’t really remember how it was like, but from the pictures I’ve seen the snow used to be so high and thick. I remember once when I was at school, they returned us back home early because it was snowing.

Every winter, I wait for the snow to come. Sometimes it does and many years it doesn’t.
This year it finally did :D!


For a person that hates cold, I love snow. Take long walks in the snow and feel the purity of what surrounds me. This brings Joy and warmth to my heart.
Yesterday, I couldn’t fall asleep. No snow happened. But today, as I looked through the window with no hope of snowing, I finally saw the white covering the ground.
I can’t really explain the excitement I get every time it’s snowing. It’s just so magical.

It is a lovely experience that I’ll never have the chance to truly explain : the waiting, the snowing, the walk, the taste.

it's written in arabic "snow"

it’s written in arabic “snow”

Christmas cookies recipe

So it’s the Holidays and you want to do some quick crunchy dessert. Well, nothing’s better and yummier than some Christmas cookies 😀 !!
A few weeks from now, I found a recipe in a book and decided to try it. And as every time, I had to do it my way. So here’s the recipe for it.

2012-12-28 14.25.51

• You will need:
– 160 g of unsalted butter
– 1 3/4 cup of all purpose flour
– 1 table spoon of icing sugar
– 1/2 cup of milk
– 1 tea spoon of vanilla
– 1 tea spoon of liqueur
– a bowl to mix
– a pan
– shaped cutters

•How to do it?:
– In the bowl, mix the butter, icing sugar, milk, vanilla, liqueur & add the flour one at the time until all the ingredients are well mixed.
– Once everything is mixed, do a ball out of the dough and wrap it in cling film, that you will then let it rest for 1 hr in the fridge.
– After 1 hr, take the dough out of the fridge, and roll it [I did it medium thin] on a floured space. Then cut the dough in whatever shape you’ve got [it could be hearts, stars, trees, ducks,..whatever shape you’ve got !!].
– Put the shaped dough on a pan that you already brushed with some butter [just like in the picture below/ I think you can go without the butter on the pan since the cookies are made with butter].
– And let it bake until the bottom is golden at 200°C.
– The cookies are ready, when bottom is golden. No need to freak out if surface is still white. That’s pretty normal.

• For decoration :
Once the cookies are cooled, you can decorate them as you like.
I sprinkled some icing sugar on top, and I even put some apricot jelly with shopped nuts on top.

• I made about 50 pieces out of this dough. All depends on how thick or thin the dough will be 😀 !!
You can serve them with tea or with ice cream !! Hope that you’ll try it.

Happy Holidays & Bon Appétit.